Rhythm and Shoes will be offering Day Camps, Ballet Intensives, Preschool classes, and classes for Teens & Adults during Summer 2017. Dates and registration forms can be found by following the links below.

2017 Teen/Adult Summer Session

2017 Summer Ballet Intensive

2017 Summer Preschool

2017 Summer Camp

2017-2018 Class Schedule and Registration

2017-18 Class Schedule

2017-18 Registration Form

Below are each of the classes we offer:

Music & Movement Classes (18 mos – 2 /3 year olds) are an introduction to basic tap, jazz and ballet steps and terminology. These classes are structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development in the youngest dancers. This 30 minute weekly program is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. Dancers wear dance clothes -leotard/ tights or shorts/sweatpants (boys) and ballet shoes. This class performs one dance in one of our four recital performances.
Jodi’s Monday 6 pm class will dance in the Saturday day recital.

Preschool Classes are specifically designed for 3-5 year old dancers with a greater emphasis on tap, jazz and ballet steps and terminology. This 45 minute weekly class focuses on following direction, engaging the dancer’s creativity and musicality. Dancers wear tap and ballet shoes for this class. Preschool classes perform one tap dance in two of our four recital performances.

Our preschool classes perform in 2 of our 4 recital performances. Our preschool students perform near the beginning of the show and are supervised by parent volunteers and Rhythm and Shoes staff while backstage. Once your preschooler is finished performing, please come to the backstage hallway to pick them up. At that time, you can either bring your dancer home or have them sit on a lap and watch the remainder of the recital.
Please refer to the schedule below:

Tap and Jazz Combo Classes s (Kindergarten- Adult) are hour-long classes that delve deeper into the intricacies of these dance forms. These classes continue to challenge dancers as their abilities grow. While the focus of the class is tap and jazz, there are some aspects of ballet in each class- as that is the foundation of all dance styles. Dancers wear dance clothes leotards/tights or other tight fitting clothing (shorts/capris/tanks)- and tap and jazz shoes. The tap
shoe style changes as dancer’s progress through the levels. These classes will perform one tap and one jazz dance in each of the four recital performances.

Ballet Classes (Kindergarten- Adult) are an entire class focused on ballet. In ballet the student will learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. We strongly feel that ballet is the most important dance form that a dancer can study. We offer ballet for all ages and abilities. All other classic dance forms are built upon the foundation of the skills learned in ballet. Dancers wear leotard/tights/skirt or other form fitting clothing for the teachers to observe and correct body placement. These classes perform one dance in each of the four recital performances.

Hip Hop (Kindergarten- Adult) focuses on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence. Derived from a combination of jazz funk and street jazz, this style of dance requires high energy, attention to detail and an understanding of complex rhythms. Class includes a warm-up that concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations. Dancers focus on building a foundation of hip-hop movements and across the floor exercises.
Dancers wear dance sneakers and comfortable, fitted dance clothing. This class performs one dance in each of our four recital performances.

Boys ONLY Hip Hop (Kindergarten- High School) caters to boys only where they learn moves made famous by chart-topping stars and big TV shows.  We will focuses on creativity, coordination, fitness and discipline. Boys wear dance sneakers and t shirts/ sweatpants.  This class will do one to two dances in each of the four recital performances.

Lyrical (4th grade – Adult) is the interpretation of the lyrics or mood of your music with movement that can be fluid or abstract. It is a highly technique focused class integrating skills from ballet, jazz and modern dance.  Ballet is a recommended pre requisite or class taken in conjunction with lyrical.

Kick (5th grade- High School) class curriculum focuses on jumps, high kicks, turns, leaps and precision movement techniques used in high school dance team and competitive cheer.  Dancers wear leotards/tights shorts or fitted dance clothing with jazz shoes. This class performs one dance in each of the four recital performances.

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  • We were wondering if your studio has an male instructors?
    We are looking for a male role model dance instructor for our son.
    If so which classes does he teach?

  • Are there any spots left for the new year for the Monday preschool class?

  • I am interested in all boys hip son attended short dance who no longer offers all boys. Nancy Raddatz referred you. Please contact me

  • My daughter is in 4th grade 9 years old and would lile to start ballet lesson. I am trying to find out class prices and start dates.

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